President Committed To Bridging River Afram – DCE

The District Chief Executive for the Kwahu Afram Plains South District, Hon. George Ofori has stated that, work is far advanced on the process of bridging the River Afram as promised by the NPP Government.

The DCE made this known in an interview with when the team called on him to find out how far plans have progressed on the road of Afram Plains.

The Hon. Member in his statement made it clear that, the process is at a level where it needs approval from parliament.

“Work is far advanced as long as the bridge over River Afram is concerned. You know it is not just any bridge at all. Lot of consultations need to be done. Cabinet approval has been given pending approval by parliament” the DCE stated.

On the main Ekye-Agordeke road, the DCE stated that, the District is faced with two options from which they are to make a decision.

“We have two options to choose from. It is either we go for the entire road being worked on all over again or we concentrate only on places that have not been tarred” he added.

According to the DCE, he is resolute that, come whatever, the Afram Plains road (Ekye-Agordeke) would be attended to in due time.

The DCE also made known how committed H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo is to the course of bridging the River Afram.

“The President, H.E Nana Addo is committed to the course of bridging the River Afram. He has on several occasions made this known and surely he will see to it” the DCE was quick to add.

It would be recalled at, the NPP prior to the 2016 General Elections promised the people of Afram Plains to construct a bridge over the River Afram.

The DCE was also of the view that, bridging the River will aid in bringing more developmental projects to the District.

“Sometimes, investors really wish to visit the District but looking at the means of coming and leaving the District, they feel reluctant. The bridge, when constructed will go a long way to convince investors to come. It will also help farmers and market women to gain more customers. Just imagine buying a truck full of yam and leaving it under the sun for days before crossing the River. If this bridge is constructed, market women won’t have to wait for days with their goods any longer” he added.

Currently, the River is being crossed either with a ferry (pontoon) or a speed boat in the case of people who would love to beat time.


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