K.A.P.N: Agordeke Ferry Likely To Start Lodging At Kpando-Torkor

The Ferry ploughing the Agordeke-Torkor stretch of the River Volta is likely to start lodging at Kpando-Torkor inteads of the usual Agordeke shore very soon.

The ferry, which was a promise fulfilled to the people of Afram Plains North by the then NDC Government led by H.E John Dramani Mahama, has since 2016 not gotten a landing bay, a situation described as worrying by the operators of the ferry.

Information gathered by aframplainsstories.com shows that, the operators of the ferry are getting fed up with the problem of sleeping in rooms without electricity and having to always look for a new place to land the ferry.

According to source, the landing bay has been awarded as contract but work has never commenced and the Assembly seems to care less about the whole issue.

Our intel revealed that, several complains have been made to the DCE, Hon. Samuel Kena, for him to help address the issue but have all proven futile.

The operators of the ferry, being fed up, have planned to start lodging at Kpando-Torkor since a better accommodation and landing bay has been provided there.

When this happens as planned, it implies that, instead of crossing from Agordeke to Kpando-Torkor in the morning, passengers would have to now cross in the afternoon since the ferry will now move from Kpando-Torkor in the morning.

Speaking with some passengers, they made it known that it would be hectic for them since crossing in the afternoon will mean passing the night at Kpando-Torkor, a situation they find troublesome.

As it stands now, our intel has made it known that, the contractor has been given a four week (one month) ultimatum to provide a working evidence or see the contract cancelled and awarded to another.


source: aframplainsstories.com/Joshua Tettey

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